We are open to receiving any legitimate / Honest Consumer Complaint from our customers subject:

  • To be a Valid claim, the goods must be returned with the original tax invoice/proof of purchase with 14 days
  • The Customer must read the packing of the product to ascertain whether or not product contains any ingredient/s that the customer is allergic to. The customer agrees that the business cannot be held liable for any harm caused by an allergic reaction and /or as a result of his/her failure to read the labelling and warnings instructions provided on the packaging, prior to purchasing the goods
  • The customer shall immediately submit to the business / seller a reminder of any product that has been found to be harmful or defective, in its original packing and with a proof of purchase. This should be done within 24hours of discovering the defect or harm, whichever might be the case.
  • Defective products will be sent to a pre-selected lab, should the product be found not to have been defected , the product will be returned to the customer.
  • Subject to the consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, and/or any other legislation, the business shall remedy the situation in any of the following ways, if the product is found to have been detective.
  • A cash refund to the customer
  • Substituting detective / damaged goods for new goods
  • Any other appropriate and mutually agreed manner.
  • All due dates/best before date/ use by dates , displayed on any product must be strictly adhered to and any claim will be null and void if brought after the applicable due date/best before date /use by date.
  • All warning /instructions and recommended aftercare must be strictly adhered to by the customer.
  • Please note that all reactions to products any vary from person to person, Vhi Skin Care will not be held liable for any claims on allergic reaction/s where products are not defective.
  • Should a consumer claims they have a reaction from Vhi Products, this will need to confirmed in a detailed letter from a dermatologist stating the products caused the reactions and other influences have been ruled out.
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