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Brighten Up Dark Under-Eye Circles with Vhi Skincare!Dark circles can cast more than a shadow around your eyes – they can also affect your self-esteem – until now. Let Vhi put the sparkle back in your eyes! Say goodbye to dark circles with our safe and effective Under-Eye Kit: Lighten...

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Treatment Creams Work More Effectively on Correctly Prepped Pores! Cleansers (face wash, etc.) are an extremely important part of your skincare routine. A cleanser does more than clean your face – it preps your skin to assist the wonderful actives from other products to be absorbed through your pores, making this...

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Instantly Brighten & Clean Up- Vhi VitaC Scrub and EpiLite Mask ComboLook lively and luminous with our power-packed VitaC Scrub and EpiLite Mask Combo!Give your skin a refreshing facial at home with these two effective products and enjoy the instant brightness.Follow these simple instructions for a fabulous glow:Contains: VitaC Scrub- 100ml EpiLite...

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The Basics Needed to Treat Pigmentation & Brighten Up Your Skin Tone. Kit Contains: DermaClear Cleanser- 250ml Kojic & Q10 Serum- 50ml Pigment Perfect Day & Night Cream-50ml--How to Use Step 1- Cleanse – Apply Dermaclear onto Wet Skin Morning & Night, work in Circular Movements , Remove with Warm...

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The Ultimate Pigmentation Treatment-Target & Improve Pigmentation, Skin Discoloration, Acne Marks & Enhance your Over-all Skins Appearance Kit Conatins: DermaClear Cleanser- 250ml 90% Kojic and Q 10 Serum- 50ml Pigment Perfect Day & Night Cream- 50ml VitaC Scrub- 100ml Epilte Mask- 100ml -- How to Use Step 1- Cleanse – Apply Dermaclear onto...

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Combat Pigmentation & Look Lit from Within!Vhi’s Anti-Pigment Basics Pack is specially-designed to kickstart the brightening process and give you a luminous glow. Each product contains high-quality ingredients, such as natural vitamins and minerals and other actives, geared toward ensuring your skin is gently and effectively healed. Vhi’s Anti-Pigment Basics...

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Vhi GlutaCaps Contains Reduced L-Glutathione which aids in skin lightening. How to use:  Take 2 capsules daily first thing in the morning Maximum Dosage:  Take 3 capsules - 3 times per day Do not use if you are Pregnant or nursing. Recommended use: * Reduces pigmentation, discoloration and uneven skin tone on the face & body Including:...

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Antioxidant Power!!!- Brighten Up your Skin Tone Naturally Kit Contains: GlutaCaps-60 Capsules GlutaSoap-175g -- How to Use: Cleanse – Apply GlutaSoap onto the targeted area, Body or Face Only & gently cleanse, Remove with Warm Water Caps- Take 2 Capsules Every Morning. Pay Only R995 Normal Price R1115

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Combat Pigmentation Effectively Kit Contains: Melano Clear Serum-30ml Kojic & Q10 Serum-50ml--How to Use: Morning Apply Melano Clear to your Entire Face or Spot Treat, follow with a Day Cream & Sunblock Night Apply Kojic & Q10 Serum to your Entire Face or Spot Treat, follow with a Night Cream.

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Brighten up , Tone & Combat Body Discoloration!!! Kit Contains: BrightBar- 100g GlutaTone Lightening Body Lotion- 250ml -- How to Use Step 1- Cleanse – Apply BrightBar onto the targeted area & gently cleanse, Remove with Warm Water Step 2- Treat – Apply GlutaTone Body Lotion to a targeted area...

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Youthful Looking Skin at Any Age with Vhi Age-Less!This intense combo improves your skin’s elasticity by increasing collagen production, which firms the skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, all while reversing the aging process.Our Age-Less Combo contains powerful actives, such as ceramides, Matrixyl 3000, retinol and botanical extracts, all...

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Enjoy Youthful Looking Skin with Vhi's Age-Less Combo!Be confident with perfectly plumped and hydrated skin, courtesy of Vhi's Age-Less Combo with targeted hyaluronic actives!Filled with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and a whole lot of goodness, this combination is the perfect way to show your skin some love and face the world...
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