Ageless Kit


The Ultimate Anti-AgE Kit-Firm, Lift, Tone & Brighten Up!!!
Kit Contains : DermaClear Cleanser- 250ml
Hyaluronic Booster Day and Night Cream- 50ml
Instant Lift Mask- 50ml
VitaC Scrub- 100ml
Collagen Caps- 1500mg- 60 capsules
Retinol Repair Serum- 30ml

How to Use

Step 0–Caps- Take 1/2 Capsule/s Every Morning
Step 1– Cleanse– Apply Dermaclear onto Wet Skin Morning & Night, work in Circular Movements , Remove with Warm Water
Step 2 –Serum- Apply a Drop of Retinol Repair on a targeted Area or your Entire Face (At Night Only)
Step 3- Treat- Apply a pea Size Amount of Hyaluronic Booster to your Entire Face, Gently Massage in

Twice per Week at Night
Step 1- Cleanse -Dermaclear
Step 2- Scrub – Take a Peasize amount of VitaC Scrub and began to Exfoliate with Circular Movements, Remove with Warm Water.
Step 3- Mask – Take a Peasize amount of Instant Lift Mask & Apply yo your Entire Face, Leave for for 20 to 30mins, Remove with Warm Water.
Step 4 -Serum– Retinol Repair
Step 5- Treat– Hyaluronic Booster

Please Follow all Instructions/Directions/Cautions that are on the individual Product Labels


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